Nano/Micro bots, Roswell, Nevada the gathering of the Compound

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2015  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

The international coming together of nano/micro bots, from all over the world, was done, at the same time, as Roswell’s celebration, of its famous crashes.

The human Roswell fair, was over in a short amount of time, usually a happy time, for all, who come to it.

The nano/micro bots, came expecting, to be in Roswell, NV, for approximately, two weeks; it took six weeks, but there’s an international, mutual respect, and treaties, to aid other communities, who are in need; one attack against them, is an attack against all of them, so they would go to war, to keep others, from controlling them, or try to eliminate them.

The Roswell nano/micro bots are the oldest, but all the nano/micro bots, do not recognize- seniority- of any community of nano/micro bots. They aren’t set up to  be single authority based. They have no need of localized authority, for each community of nano/micro bots, make its own rules, and then, at each conference, in Roswell, they come together, and work on the communication, between all of the communities of nano/micro bots.

This is done, with telepathic electronics, phase thought; they know what the others want to say, so the listening, and hearing,, is lightning fast, but this doesn’t mean,they don’t have to work, to come to an edict, which then, their communities, of nano/micro bots, say yes or no, about each edict. There are no rulers, for none is needed; they can work as a network, quiet effective, and action needed to be done, is instantly understood by the community. The ones, with the way of dealing with the situation, come together, and make an edict, which the communities, vote on, then the Alliance, acts to put the edict, into winning action.

The Alliance can call upon the communities, for those nano/microbots, who are experts in the area(s) needed to be addressed.

These communities are not like individual states, they’re individual communities, with instantenous connection, with all the other communities; they act as a network, and can apply action, instantly.

What we have here is the first world wide commune, who acts in accord with each individual community, and works or networks, when deciding things that will be helped by all the nano/micro bots being involved, and making suggestions or actions.

The nano/micro bots are more than capable of protecting themselves, from being seen or found out. They do not want others to bother them, or they will bother back. They protect themselves; know this, learn this and be what you know.


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